Stormy, cotton candy-coloured skies captured in Sask.

If you ever get bored in Saskatchewan, just look up! Sask. photographers share wild weather shots with CBC.

With numerous weather warnings this week, eyes — and cameras — were on the skies

Cotton candy-coloured time-lapse captures storm rolling through Sask. town

7 years ago
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Shallon Dahl filmed the sky from the roof of a house in Eston, Sask. with an iPhone on July 3, as the sun was setting.

Shallon Dahl stood on the roof of a house in Eston, Sask., on Sunday night, filming with an iPhone. Dahl wanted to capture the gorgeous, apocalyptic cotton candy-coloured skies rolling in over the town at sunset.

Pink stormy skies captured in Sask.

7 years ago
Duration 1:19
Shallon Dahl filmed a storm rolling in from the roof of a house in Eston, Sask.


Dahl wasn't the only one capturing the storm action.​
Melanie Hankewich, or @Belle_Plaine on Twitter, shared this photo with CBC Radio's The Morning Edition host Sheila Coles on Monday, July 4. It was the morning after a wicked storm rocked the province.

Several others shared photos with @CBCSask and @CBCSaskatoon on Twitter. They captured everything from mammatus clouds, to double rainbows, to hail, to funnel clouds.

A funnel cloud, like the one pictured above was spotted near Green Lake -- located northeast of Meadow Lake and northwest of Big River -- on Monday. (Chelsey A., Saskatchewan Tornado Watch/Facebook)
Kaitlan Lavoie shared this photo of a storm rolling in to Saskatoon on July 4 with CBC Saskatoon on Facebook. (Kaitlan Lavoie/Submitted to CBC)
Tanya Young-Blais shared this photo on July 4 with CBC Saskatoon on Facebook. "Mine from Kindersley after the storm," she wrote. (Tanya Young-Blais/Submitted to CBC)
"I was able to nail this shot. This shot was taken out in MacDowall," wrote Patricia Lee Hall on July 4, on CBC Saskatoon's Facebook page. (Patricia Lee Hall/Submitted to CBC)
Brady Bitz, or @Bitzer_22 on Twitter, shared this photo of large hail. Many people reported hail in the Kindersley, Sask. area on July 4. (Brady Bitz/Twitter)

Calm after the storm

Bill McMillan shared this shot of fluffy clouds hanging over canola fields. (Bill McMillan/Submitted to CBC)
Gary Kizek, or @GGkuzek on Twitter, shared this photo of calm between the storms. (Gary Kizek/Twitter)
CBC's Sheila Coles captured a double rainbow over Regina on Monday, July 4. (Sheila Coles/CBC)
Kevin Boese, or @BoeseKevin on Twitter, shared this serene shot. (Kevin Boese/Twitter)

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