Stay safe around snow plows, province urges

Cars run into snow plows every year, resulting in injuries and even death, so the public needs to be careful, the Saskatchewan government says.

Cars running into plows result in injuries and death every year

A Saskatchewan Highways Ministry truck applies sand and salt to Highway 11 near Prince Albert, Sask., earlier this week. (Trevor Bothorel, CBC)

Cars run into snow plows every year, resulting in injuries and even death, so the public needs to be careful, the Saskatchewan government says.

It's reminding people keep an eye out for snow plow trucks, keep a safe distance and slow down in the "snow zone."

Snow zones are the mini-blizzards that form when plows move down the highway.

Rather than speed by, people are are being told to be patient and let the plows do their work.

Plows will pull over to let vehicles pass every 10 kilometres, officials say.

It's also illegal to pass a plow at a speed exceeding 60 kilometres per hour. 

With winter weather here, the provincial government has stationed more than 300 plows across the province to clear snow and ice.

Since 1998, there have been 77 incidents where a vehicle has hit a snow plow, the province says.