There's a shortage of specialized formula for babies with allergies, medical conditions

Families in Canada are being urged to only buy specialty formula if there is a medical need. Right now, there is no national shortage of regular infant formula.

Families being asked to only buy specialty product for medical reasons

Currently, Canada is not experiencing a shortage of regular infant formula. That's why health officials are asking families who don't need specialized products, to spare those for families who do. (Eric Gay/The Associated Press)

Families in Saskatchewan are being urged to only buy specialty formula if they have a baby who needs it.

That request was issued Wednesday by the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) as Canada deals with a temporary shortage of the product. 

This includes amino acid-based and hydrolyzed infant formulas meant for babies with allergies and certain medical conditions. 

In a news release, the SHA stated families should only buy specialty formulas if they have a medical reason to do so. 

Currently, there is no national shortage of regular infant formula. 

According to the SHA, the temporary shortage was caused by the closure of Abbott Nutrition's U.S. formula manufacturing plant. 

Production is set to resume and Canadian health officials are optimistic supply of specialty formula will slowly grow in the coming months. 

The SHA said it is working with the provincial Ministry of Health, Health Canada and suppliers to get these specialty products to families who need them. 

The Health Authority urges families to speak with health care providers if they have concerns about whether their child has allergies or special formula needs. 


Daniella Ponticelli is a reporter for CBC Saskatchewan. She has worked in print, broadcast and digital journalism in Manitoba and Saskatchewan since 2012. Get in touch with Daniella at or on Twitter @dponticelliTV.