Some Sask. Party decisions unpopular, poll says

A new opinion poll suggests the Saskatchewan Party government has made a few unpopular decisions — but still holds a commanding lead over the NDP.

A new opinion poll suggests the Saskatchewan Party government has made a few unpopular decisions — but still holds a commanding lead over the NDP.

Insightrix Research did online surveys of more than 820 people in the first week of June.

It found that the public has mixed feelings about some recent decisions Premier Brad Wall's government has made.

For instance, more than half the people who participated said they were opposed to the government's cancellation of the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit program.

The majority of participants also said they were opposed to adding three more MLAs to the provincial legislature — a change the government passed in the last sitting.

The new education funding formula, which left some school boards saying they weren't getting enough money and were facing cuts, was also panned by more than half of the poll-takers.

However, people still appear to be strongly supporting Wall and the Saskatchewan Party in general.

More than 60 per of those polled said they would vote for the Sask. Party if there was an election today. Fewer than 30 per cent said they would vote for the New Democrats. (The rest said they'd vote for other parties or spoil their ballot.)

People were also asked about labour issues that are currently under review. Almost 60 per of those surveyed said they support allowing unionized workers to opt out of paying dues under certain circumstances, such as being a minor, a student or for reasons of financial hardship.

Saskatchewan-based Insightrix did the survey on its own and it wasn't commissioned by a party or other group. It says because the research is conducted online, margins of error are not applicable.