Snow piling up around Saskatchewan

It may not last, but Saskatchewan's first blast of wintry weather has hit the province hard.

Up to 40 cm falls in southwest, more coming

Brad Boulitier said the snowfall could be measured in feet Wednesday morning in the Cypress Hills area. (Brad Boulitier/Twitter)

It may not last, but Saskatchewan's first blast of wintry weather has hit the province hard.

By the morning, up to 40 centimetres had fallen on some communities and according to Environment Canada, another 10-15 cm was expected to fall during the day.

The town of Shaunavon in southwest Saskatchewan got dumped on Wednesday morning. (John Turner/Twitter)

Here are some of the communities that have seen significant snowfall (and the amounts in centimetres) in the past 24 hours:

  • Cypress Hills Park: 40 
  • Mankota: 15 to 20
  • Conquest: 13 (as of 8 a.m.)
  • Eastend: 12
  • Saskatoon: 7 to 11 (as of 8 a.m.)
  • Christopher Lake: 10 (as of 8 a.m.)
  • Loreburn: 9 (as of 8 a.m.)
People in Shellbrook woke up to see their windows covered in snow and slush. (Elke Hutton/Twitter)

Milder weather is expected by the weekend, so some of that snow will melt.

Meanwhile, many communities have been dealing with a mixture of rain and snow.

The red and purple areas are the regions that received the most snow and rain as of early Wednesday. (Environment Canada)

Under these conditions, Environment Canada tracks precipitation amounts by adding the rain to the equivalent depth of melted snow.

Here's a list of communities that have seen the most precipitation (in millimetres of rain, added to millimetres of melted snow):

  • Cypress Hills park: 106
  • Val Marie: 71
  • Oxbow: 66
  • Moose Jaw: 64
  • Maryfield: 61
  • Rockglen: 59
  • Carnduff: 59
  • Mossbank: 57
  • Gravelbourg: 55
  • Yorkton: 53
  • Maple Creek: 50
  • Wynyard: 50
  • Assiniboia: 44 
  • Broadview: 43
  • Mankota: 43

It continued to snow throughout the day, so those totals could be considerably higher by tomorrow. 

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