Slippery highways, roads across Saskatchewan

Saturday's rain and drizzle combined with overnight temperatures below freezing caused slippery conditions across the province.

Weekend rain and freezing temperatures overnight left many highways ice-covered and slippry

Conditions along Highway 10 north of Balcarres, Sask., on Sunday morning. (Trent Peppler/CBC News)

Saturday's rain and freezing rain combined with overnight temperatures below zero caused slippery conditions across the province this weekend.

According to the province's Highway Hotline several highways had slippery and icy conditions. Fog also settled in around Regina and Moose Jaw Sunday morning, and many others areas in the province's southeast reported reduced visibility. Areas north of Saskatoon also saw swirling and drifting snow. 

In Regina, police responded to 14 collisions on Saturday morning alone. Three caused minor injuries, and 11 were severe enough to report to police, but no one was hurt. 

Saskatoon police cautioned people about driving in the freezing rain. Icy conditions caused the buses there to run 15 to 20 minutes behind schedule on Saturday.