Slicing up Regina's pizza options

CBC Saskatchewan survey results are in on how you feel about pizza joints in Regina.

Regina couple orders $140 Super Bowl pizza from Windsor, Ont.

Regina couple orders $140 Super Bowl pizza from Windsor, Ont.

8 years ago
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What? There is no decent pizza Saskatchewan?

Regina's pizza just doesn't cut it for one couple in the city.

On Tuesday, CBC Windsor told the story of a Regina resident who was so unsatisfied with the Queen City's pizza options, she ordered a $140 pie more than 2,300 kilometres away from Windsor’s Arcata Pizza. 

We asked how you feel about Regina's pizza options in non-scientific survey.

The informal survey is now closed. Here are the results:

Question 1:

How would you describe pizza in Regina? (471 answers)

  • Good: 38 per cent.
  • Amazing: 36 per cent.
  • Mediocre: 20 per cent.
  • Awful: 6 per cent.

Question 2:

Who serves the best pizza in the Queen City? (Top nine responses)

  • Houston
  • Western
  • Tumblers
  • Copper Kettle
  • Sparky's
  • Juliana
  • Trifons
  • ArtiXen
  • Panago

(Also mentioned: Artful Dodger, Bushwakkers, Pizza Hut, Boston Pizza, West Side Pizza, The Chimney)

Question 3:

What is the most you have ever spent on ONE pizza? (466 answers)

  • Less than $20 - 2 per cent.
  • $20 to $40 - 43 per cent.
  • $40 to $60 - 46 per cent.
  • $60 to $80 - 7 per cent.
  • $80 to $100 - 1 per cent.
  • More than $100 - 1 per cent.

The story garnered a lot of attention from pizza connoisseurs across the country.

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