Sharon Gerein

Sharon Gerein is the producer for CBC Radio One's The Afternoon Edition in Saskatchewan.

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Grad student seeking truck drivers to participate in research project about trauma on the job

A Regina woman is embarking on a research project all about the people who drive big rigs and she's hoping to find long haul truckers willing to share their experiences with trauma.

Amy Nelson, meet Amy Nelson: 2 prairie musicians get face-to-face after endless name confusion

People on the prairies have been confusing two musicians that share the name Amy Nelson.

Sask. musician teaches violin to schoolchildren in remote Nunavut communities

Kim de Laforest is bringing the joy of music to some of Canada's most remote communities.

Saskatchewan cow gives birth to live quadruplets

An Alberta calf may have set a weight record, but Dot, a Charolais-Red Angus cross, wasn't going to be outdone. She gave birth to live quadruplets on Tuesday.

Saskatchewan soldier became tragic part of history 2 minutes before First World War ended

The last Canadian soldier to die in battle in the First World War was a 25-year-old man who had been living in Moose Jaw, Sask. George Lawrence Price was fatally shot by a German sniper at 10:58 a.m. on Nov. 11, 1918, two minutes before the armistice was official.

Governor General to award medal to longtime archeologist, archivist and construction historian

Frank Korvemaker is one of nearly 40 Canadians being presented an honour by Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Julie Payette in a ceremony at the RCMP depot Regina on Saturday.

Ticks are still out despite winter weather

It's cold, it's rainy, it's even been snowy in many places in the province. But despite fall giving us a full frontal show mere days after it was declared, there's another season that's not quite done yet.
Producer's notebook

Not your average puff piece: Getting to the bottom of a mysterious puffed wheat shortage

When we heard anecdotally at CBC Saskatchewan that there seemed to be a shortage of puffed wheat, I leapt at the story. Little did I know this would be a very difficult assignment.
Point of View

'A mother is an amazing gift that one day will disappear from your life, long before you are ready'

Why spending time with your mom on Mother's Day is the greatest gift you can give

Sask. inmate who's spent 22 years behind bars pens book for son

Mitchell Moise says what started out as a letter to his son soon turned into a book.

Turning diabetes into 'diabeauties': Children with diabetes featured at Humboldt Broncos home games

At each of the Broncos home games in November, a child with Type 1 diabetes will be featured as a Dahlgren's Diabeauty, and treated to free tickets, participation in the puck drop and a chance to hang out with player Kaleb Dahlgren.

Acoustic receiver holding fish data recovered from Buffalo Pound Lake

Good weather, technology, old fashioned seamanship and some "dumb luck" are being credited for locating a missing acoustic receiver on the bottom of Buffalo Pound Lake.

Fish research group needs help to 'fish' equipment with data out of lake

A remote acoustic receiver has been missing for several weeks but the Saskatchewan Sportfish Research Group is pretty sure they know where the receiver can be found.

Century-old Scottish tree with Sask. 'roots' celebrated this summer

A spruce tree with a Saskatchewan connection was plucked from the battlefield in Belgium in World War One. There's a long story behind how it ended up at the Abercairny gardens near Crieff, Scotland.

9-year wait: POTS diagnosis comes after hundreds of tests for Regina woman

Katherine Kay spent almost nine years waiting to find out what was making her sick after falling ill as a child, until she was finally diagnosed in 2016 with a nervous disorder which has no cure.