Want your driver's licence? You'll need to be vaxxed or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test

Drivers taking their SGI road tests will be required to show they are fully vaccinated, or a negative COVID-19 test result.

SGI's COVID-19 policy to make road tests safer comes into effect Oct. 25

Saskatchewan Government Insurance will require drivers taking their road test to be fully vaccinated, or to present a recent, negative COVID-19 test result as of Oct. 25. (Shutterstock / wellphoto)

If you need to get your driver's licence, you'll need to be fully vaccinated, or submit a recent, negative COVID-19 test result in order to take your road test. 

The new COVID-19 policy will take effect on Oct. 25, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) announced on Thursday morning.

"Providing proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test is now standard practice to access many businesses, services, and venues," said Penny McCune, chief operating officer for SGI's Auto Fund. "This will improve safety for our customers and employees."

The negative COVID-19 test has to have taken place within 72 hours of the road test appointment. SGI said it will accept tests approved by the Ministry of Health, including PCR tests or rapid antigen tests.

People are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after receiving two doses of the vaccine. 

The new policy applies to all road tests except motorcycle road tests and is meant to make the process safer for everyone, SGI said, noting the close proximity of examiners and student drivers in vehicles.

SGI also pointed out that COVID-19 data from the Saskatchewan Health Authority shows fewer young people are fully vaccinated, or have received at least one dose. And it noted that in the past year, half of those who took an SGI road test were 19 and under, and people between 20 and 30-years-old made up most of the remainder (about 38 per cent). 
SGI employees were already required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or to provide negative test results regularly, as part of the provincial government directive. Mask use has been mandatory in all SGI locations since Sept. 17.