SGI rebate mailout expected to cost almost $1M

Saskatchewan Government Insurance says the cost to print, mail and ship over 700,000 rebate cheques is approximately $938,000.

Spokesperson says people can expect to get their cheques by mid-June

SGI says the rebate cheque project has been meeting timelines since it was announced in February. (CBC)

Saskatchewan Government Insurance says the cost to print, mail and ship over 700,000 rebate cheques is approximately $938,000.

SGI spokesman Tyler McMurchy says the cost includes postage, envelopes, paper, processing and printing.

"It is a big number, there's no question about that but when you're talking about delivering $285 million back into people's hands, that puts that number into perspective, I would say," he said.

SGI has hired Ontario payment processors Symcor to distribute the rebate cheques.

"Due to the timelines, this was a vendor that could handle a large project in the window needed," he said. "It was a matter of delivering a major, major project in a short period of time."

He said the system generates a batch of printable files each night to print cheques and statements to be put into envelopes by the vendor and picked up by Canada Post shortly after.

McMurchy said the cheques are being mailed out in essentially random order — not alphabetical order, or by birth date.

"We don't want people to worry if for example their husband, who has the same last name and lives at the same address, received a rebate and they haven't got theirs yet," he said. "It may very well have yet to be processed or was recently processed and is now in the mail and is on its way to them."

He said SGI customers can expect their rebate cheques by mid-June and it's asking people to be patient as it has received an influx of calls asking about the cheques.

McMurchy advises people to wait until June 30 and if they still haven't received the cheque, then they can reach out to SGI.

"We don't want people to worry, it is only a matter of a couple of weeks," he said. "If you don't have it now, you should be getting it soon."

People will only be entitled to the cheques if they have paid into the Auto Fund premiums over the course of the last three years and are still living in Saskatchewan. If people owe SGI money, McMurchy said, they will receive a letter that states the rebate has been applied to the debt they owe.

He said the project has been going smoothly and meeting timelines set out by SGI when the rebate was announced in February.

"People are very excited about these rebate cheques, we're very excited to be giving them to people it's great news for the people of Saskatchewan who will be receiving these rebates," he said. "Obviously it's a welcome injection into the provincial economy."

"I think everybody deserves a bit of good news after the year-plus that we've had, so we're very excited."