Scott Moe to maintain the status quo — and that's what Sask. Party voters want

Scott Moe’s time as Saskatchewan Party leader and premier-designate is expected to follow the course Brad Wall's government set for the past decade. Delegates at the party's convention say that's exactly what they want.

Moe will continue to oppose the implementation of a carbon tax in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan premier-designate Scott Moe is expected to continue the government's priorities set under former premier Brad Wall. (Alex Brockman/CBC News)

Saskatchewan Party leader and premier-designate Scott Moe is expected to follow the courses Brad Wall's government set for the past decade.

The MLA for Rosthern-Shellbrook has been in the legislature since 2011. Moe has served as Wall's minister of advanced education and was the environment minister before running for the party leadership. 

Throughout the campaign and after winning the party leadership, Moe pledged to continue many of Wall's policies: representing people across the province, opposing the provincial NDP and defiant resistance to a carbon tax.

"What we will not continue, and what we will not do is impose a carbon tax on the good people of Saskatchewan," Moe said in Saturday's victory speech.

That speech included a message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the carbon tax in the form of a quote from Pierre Trudeau, the PM's father, made during the October Crisis. 

"And Justin Trudeau, if you're wondering how far I'll go: Just watch me."

That's exactly what delegates at this weekend's convention wanted to hear.

CBC News spoke with delegates from across the leadership camps as well as MLAs from the caucus this weekend. Here's what three have to say about the Saskatchewan Party going forward.

Mitchell Cooper

Mitchell Cooper, 29, is a lawyer in Regina. Saskatchewan Party policies, and the charisma of Brad Wall helped him decide to move to Saskatchewan after university. He says he wants to see the party continue in this direction with premier-designate Scott Moe. (Alex Brockman/CBC News)

Mitchell Cooper, 29, is a lawyer from Regina. He credits Saskatchewan Party policies — and Brad Wall's personal charisma — as part of the reason he decided to move back to Saskatchewan after graduating from university in Alberta.

"The attitude change we've seen over the last decade, I don't think that's being reversed," Mitchell Cooper said.

Building on Wall's legacy should be the focus for the Saskatchewan Party going forward, with the party "adding on to the 10 years we've just had," Cooper said. For him, that means support for the mining and agriculture sectors.

Chloe Banda

Chloe Banda is a first-year student at the University of Saskatchewan. She says the Saskatchewan Party supports rural farmers like her. (Alex Brockman/CBC News )

For Chloe Banda, Scott Moe represents a renewed focus on the party's rural roots. The 18-year-old, originally from Shellbrook, is a first-year student at the University of Saskatchewan.

"They put the same importance on the small-town values and the rural feeling that Saskatchewan has," Banda said. "We do have to have equality between urban and rural, but our voices get lost sometimes."

She's looking to education and the cost of tuition as her main issues going forward. As part of his campaign promises, Moe pledged $30 million toward education and adding 400 educational assistants and other support staff to schools.

Caelan McIntyre

Caelan McIntyre is a farmer and student at the University of Saskatchewan. He doesn't think any of the candidates for Saskatchewan premier could step in and fill Brad Wall's place right away, but that the party will continue supporting agriculture. (Alex Brockman/CBC News)

Calen McIntyre, 20, is a farmer and business student at the University of Saskatchewan. He's from Wiseton and wants the party to continue its support for agriculture.

He supported Wall, but says it's impossible for Moe — or any of the candidates — to step in right away to fill his shoes.

"It's massive shoes to fill, I don't think you can do that right away," he said.

As for what he looks for from Moe?

"Be our voice, defend us, speak for us."