SaskPower shares 10 tips to save energy this Earth Hour

Here are some good tips to help you make the most of Earth Hour tonight.

CBC Saskatchewan listeners help compile list of ways to cut down on power

A candle burns on the Stanley Park seawall during Earth Hour in Vancouver, B.C., on Saturday March 31, 2012. People around the world are turn off their lights each year to reduce energy consumption and bring awareness to climate change. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

Earth Hour is taking place tonight from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time all around the world.

In honour of this environmentally friendly occasion, CBC Radio's Blue Sky decided to compile a list of top energy-saving tips.

Blue Sky spoke with Janson Anderson of SaskPower and opened the discussion up to listeners. 

Here are just some of the ways you can have a clean and green Earth Hour in 2015.

1. Stop using the dryer

Instead, use the sun for any necessary drying.

2. Avoid leaving the fridge door open

It's important to carefully consider before using the fridge and open the door as little as possible. Another suggestion is to put tape over the latch for the light.

3. Use shade to lower cooling costs

Try planting Larch or Deciduous trees on the south side of your house.

This allows solar gain during winter months while lowering cooling costs in the summer.

4. Smart thermostats

A programmable thermostat can save 20 to 25 per cent on your overall energy bill.

And don't forget to wear a sweater instead of raising the temperature.

5. Smart power bars

Purchase smart power bars and connect them to TVs in order to prevent ghost power loss.

"The model I have switches on the power to my TV when my remote sends out a infrared signal," a CBC Saskatchewan listener said. "When it senses a reduction in current on that outlet, it will switch off power to that outlet and a few others as well."

6. Change light bulbs to LEDs 

Change incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to LEDs as they burn out or as the new ones go on sale.

7. Use solar panels 

Use solar panels and solar hot water panels, which preheat the water from ground temperature before it hits your hot water tank.

8. Beware of vampire power

If your charger is plugged in and not charging a device, it still draws power.

9. Use frozen water for cooling

In winter, fill a couple of milk jugs full of water, then put them outside to freeze. Bring one in and put it in the fridge. Exchange them every second day to help the fridge stay cool without having to work so hard.

10. SaskPower programs

Take advantage of SaskPower's programs to encourage saving energy. Visit the external link on the left side of the page for more information.


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