SaskEnergy continues to monitor gas leaks in Regina Beach

SaskEnergy workers continue to search for natural gas leaks and other potential risk in Regina Beach, one week after a home exploded.

A home exploded last week, crews have since found nine areas vulnerable to a leak


SaskEnergy workers are continuing to search for natural gas leaks and potential risks in Regina Beach.

Last week, a natural gas leak caused a home in the town to explode, levelling the property and damaging others.

The leak was chalked up to a strain on the underground pipeline from ground movement. 

Dave Burdeniuk with SaskEnergy said they've found nine places that could be vulnerable to a leak and replaced parts of the steel pipe with a more flexible material. 

"We could be in a cycle here where we're ending up doing two or three of these a day, everyday, for the next several weeks," Burdeniuk said. "It may mean that we do dozens, if not more of these upgrades. We may end up doing even more. We don't know until we actually get underground and get a look."

Burdeniuk said there are 74 sites they want to check out. He says it's difficult to know how long it will take to find problems due to the shifting ground. 

"We found lines that are physically being pushed so much that the ground is actually starting to bend the steel," he said. "And that tells us, OK, this is a vulnerable point. This is where one of those priority upgrades needs to be done." 

Milder weather on the weekend is adding to the workload because the ground is shifting the same way it does in the spring.


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