Loraas offers Saskatonians tips on how to not contaminate recycling

If you are still recycling things like plastic bags and saran wrap, you could be contaminating your other recyclables.

If you still recycle plastic bags and saran wrap, you could be contaminating your other recyclables

Plastic bags and saran wrap aren't allowed in recycling bins in Saskatoon. (CBC)

Saskatoon is launching a campaign to help the public improve their recycling practices after changes were made in the city's rules. 

Things like plastic bags and cling wrap are no longer allowed in blue bins. If you continue to recycle them, you could be contaminating other products in your bin, according to Loraas.

Leisha Grebinski, host of CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning, took a tour of the Loraas facility with manager Dale Schmidt to find out how residents can do better. 

Schmidt said to not put recyclables  in plastic bags, as the staff will likely just throw it out. 

"If it's in a bag, it's really hard for our employees to rip it open and dump it out on the line," he said. 

"Anything that's in a black bag, 99 per cent of the time is garbage, so we've gotten to the point where they automatically just throw it in the garbage."

Schmidt also said plastic film can contaminate product and that hangers can halt the line. 

Check out the video below to see more examples of what Loraas is finding in the recyling. 

Part of the work done at Saskatoon's recycling depot is sorting out the wrong stuff that gets sent there. 0:38

With files from Saskatoon Morning