Saskatoon mulls ban on school zone U-turns

Saskatoon city council will soon have another look at banning U-turns in school zones.

Violating ban would mean $90 fine

Saskatoon City Council will soon have another look at banning U-turns in school zones.

Last month, council discussed a report proposing that U-turns should be banned when schools are active, arguing that the manoeuvre is a serious risk to pedestrians, particularly when the nearby streets and crosswalks are heavily congested.

However, council sent it back to city administrators to study if the U-turn ban should be 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On Monday, the city's administration and finance committee released a report that said the more limited ban is the way to go.

A full-time ban is a bad idea for several reasons, the report said, including that it would be difficult to enforce.

And so, city staff is again recommending that the Traffic Bylaw be amended to ban U-turns in school zones when schools are active.

Violating the ban would mean a $90 fine.

Council will vote on the plan at its next meeting.