Saskatchewan's fashion scene is growing, says local designer

Designer Janis Procyk did not plan on launching her fashion line in Saskatchewan, but that's exactly what she did. This weekend, she is showing her third collection at Sask Fashion Week.

Procyk said it's the support and opportunities that have kept her here, even though they weren't expected

Models strut their stuff at Saskatchewan Fashion Week 2013. (Alex Honey)

Saskatchewan isn't where fashion designer Janis Procyk intended on starting up her fashion line, after graduating from design school in Vancouver.

"I came back to Saskatchewan to see family and be around home for a bit," said Procyk. 

But three years later, she is owns a successful fashion line that is based out of Saskatchewan and she is showing her third collection at Sask Fashion Week this month.

Procyk said it's the support and opportunities that have kept her here, even though they weren't expected when she first moved home. 

"I met with local designer Dean Renwick and he kind of encouraged [me], if I wanted to do good things, to leave the province because the industry here was kind of a little bit slower," she said. 

She ended up working with Renwick for a year, where he encouraged her to start her own line and develop a customer base. 

Procyk took his advice and was overwhelmed by the support she received. 

This gentle nudge from a mentor led to the launch of her line Prahsik, now an independent fashion label based out of Saskatchewan. 

"It was really surprising but it's not surprising at the same time. People are really starting to lean towards wanting something different," she said. 

Procyk will be showing her line at Sask Fashion Week on May 12. 

She describes her newest collection as being her best product yet. 

With files from The Afternoon Edition