Sask. lawyers association blasts criticism of judge, jury, lawyers in Gerald Stanley verdict

The Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association issued a statement expressing concern over the statements made by some politicians and fellow lawyers about the Gerald Stanley trial.

Association calls remarks 'unfair' and 'unwarranted'

The Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association is urging those upset with the Gerald Stanley verdict not to blame the lawyers, judge or jury. (Guy Quenneville/CBC)

An association representing lawyers in Saskatchewan is voicing concerns about what it calls "unfair" and "unwarranted" comments made about the judge, Crown and defence in the Gerard Stanley murder trial. 

In a statement, the Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association highlights statements made by politicians, members of the public and fellow lawyers. 

The statement notes how Canadian judges are not permitted to publicly defend themselves against criticism.

"If the trial judge erred in any of his rulings of law it is for the Court of Appeal to determine," said a statement from association president Nicholas Stooshinoff, a Saskatoon-based lawyer. 

It says Stanley's defence lawyer abided by his oath to defend his client. As well, it says the Crown prosecutor did his job as he "vigorously argued" for either a conviction of second-degree murder or manslaughter. 

"The role of the Crown prosecutor is to advance all relevant evidence on behalf of the state, and to do so fairly, objectively and impartial to the interests of the victim and the accused," it reads.

The statement says there is no evidence to show the jurors broke their oath, which was to decide on a verdict based on the evidence presented in court.