Saskatchewan tot scarred after swallowing battery

1-year-old boy damages trachea, requires 4th surgery

Child injured after swallowing battery

10 years ago
Duration 1:44
A White City family has a cautionary tale after their toddler swallowed a coin-type batter, Lachlan Madill reports.

It's a parent's worst nightmare but it happened when a White City, Sask., toddler swallowed a battery.

About two weeks ago, 13-month-old Khyler Thompson swallowed something at his home in the town, which is 10 kilometres east of Regina. His parents, Kayla and Donnie, realized the toddler had swallowed something and when he had trouble breathing they took him to emergency.

An  X- ray showed what looked like a coin.

"It was actually this alkaline battery and the alkaline had gone into his throat and it had spread quite a bit," Kayla Thompson said. "There was a lot of scar tissue and burning."

The battery was surgically removed.  Another surgery was done to help Khyler breathe and a tube had to be put in his throat. After 10 days, doctors removed the tube but had to put it back when they found more damage.

Khyler is recovering in a Regina hospital following three surgeries, but his trachea is damaged and needs to heal before another surgical attempt.

The Thompson family must go to Calgary for the next surgery. They will require flying by air ambulance, which isn't covered by the Thompson's health insurance.

Darcy Kennedy and others in White City are now trying to raise money through social media and a steak night. The idea is to help cover the costs and to give support.

"You just hope that everything is going to be OK and that he doesn't have any long-term problems with it," Kennedy said.

Khyler is expected to be home by the end of the week, where his parents will take care of him until his next surgery at the end of next month.

A steak night will be held at The Hub in Regina on Monday, Nov. 12.