Saskatchewan slang video a big hit

A video that purports to examine Saskatchewan slang is really ... givin'er snoose on the internet.

Vico, bunny hugs, grid roads — they're all here

A video that purports to examine Saskatchewan slang is really ... givin'er snoose on the internet.

The humorous production by the Insightrix polling company has already received more than 48,000 page views since being published Feb. 27.

In it, an alleged competitor of Insightrix holds a focus group featuring a variety of Saskatchewan types, including a wheat farmer and a Rider fan with a watermelon helmet. 

They proceed to baffle the pollsters by speaking Saskatchewan slang.

"Truth is, the grids could use some work, eh?" says the farmer, whose words are "translated" in subtitles.

Vico (chocolate milk), bunny hugs (hooded sweatshirt) and gotch (underwear) also make an appearance.

Saskatchewan filmmaker Huw Evans, who was contracted to make the commercial for Insightrix, says he spent about a week researching the various terms, mostly on the internet.

"This isn't an academic paper or anything," he said. "And the trouble is of course that people in Saskatchewan, we may know the words, but we don't know it's unusual."

​(Note: "Give her snoose," a phrase made famous by former premier Grant Devine, means increasing power or speed.)

In the Insightrix video, a "farmer" tells a focus group "Truth is, the grids could provide some work, eh?'" Helpfully, there are subtitles. (YouTube)


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