Saskatchewan NDP members gather for Regina convention

NDP members from all over the province pitched questions to Cam Broten, the party leader, and MLAs during the convention Sunday in Regina.

Members from across province discussing issues such as employment, housing and Alberta election

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Cam Broten speaks during the bear pit session at the Queensbury Convention Centre in Regina. (Adrian Cheung/CBC)

Saskatchewan NDP members gathered at the Queensbury Convention Centre in Regina on Sunday and pitched questions to party leader Cam Broten and MLAs.

The question-and-answer period is known as a bear pit session.

Party members from all over the province raised a wide spectrum of issues including child care and affordable housing.

There was a feeling of excitement in the room as delegates mentioned the NDP election win in Alberta earlier in May. 

Broten said he learned lessons from the Alberta Premier Rachel Notley's win.

"We recognize that every province is unique. There are different things at play. But when you look at the experience in Alberta, there are good lessons for us here in Saskatchewan," Broten said. 

He said that one important key is having a campaign on "how to have affordability for families."

"We've had that focus and we're going to continue to have that focus," Broten said.

This convention is likely to be the last meeting among delegates before the next provincial election.

During a vote among members on Saturday, Broten himself received a 98 per cent approval rating.


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