Saskatchewan musicians pick their favourite songs of 2015

It was an exciting year for music in Saskatchewan with many artists from the province releasing new music.

Danny Olliver, Megan Nash, Codie Prevost share their picks with CBC Radio

Rah Rah's Marshall Burns (top left) was one of several Saskatchewan musicians who gave their picks for best songs of 2015 to Saskatchewan Weekend. (Chris Graham)

It was an exciting year for music in Saskatchewan with several artists from the province releasing new music.

On CBC radio's Saskatchewan Weekend, artists such as Danny Olliver and Megan Nash shared their favourite songs from the past year with host Eric Anderson.

Here is what the following artists picked as their top songs for 2015.

Allyson Reigh of Rosie and The Riveters
My favourite album of 2015 was probably Whitehorse's Leave No Bridge Unburned. The whole album is like an up-tempo vintage R&B, beat-heavy spaghetti western wrapped in a bow. It was on repeat for me all summer! My top song from this album is definitely Baby What's Wrong.

Codie Prevost
I loved Gonna Live Forever by the Band Perry. When I first heard the song, I remember thinking how awesome the production was, and how uplifting the song is. And I think it's a great way to kick off 2016!

Danny Olliver
I have been listening to a lot of Donovan Woods lately. He's a great songwriter from Sarnia, ON. If I had to pick songs, I would say Put On, Cologne or On the Nights You Stay Home.

The Dead South
One artist who really stood out to us (not from Saskatchewan) was Willie Watson. The song is Mexican Cowboy. We were fortunate enough to catch a show of his when we were touring in Tennessee, playing at Americana Fest in Nashville.

Jen Lane
I would definitely have to say that Saskatoon's own Sarah Farthing stands out to me. I did my first production job outside of my own on her recently released album When Your Answer Comes. It was a great experience producing her album! Ghost, her first single, turned out to have a very Fleetwood Mac feel to me. It's groovy and haunting.

Marshall Burns of Rah Rah
You should play Stompin' by one of my very favourite songwriters, Al Tuck. It's on his most recent album, Fair Country.

John Antoniuk
One of the gems we discovered this year was the album Drinking Alone by Tim Bradford. There was a friend we had met in Toronto who sent us his cd earlier this year. The songs and the players on the record are really timeless. 

Jason Plumb
I would be surprised if I was the only one to mention the super talented Andy Shauf. This whole album, The Bearer of Bad News, is fantastic. Understated, yet brimming with poetic and melodic genius. Since he has been recording his forthcoming album at Studio One Recording, I have gotten to know him a bit, and he is a sweet guy with an even sweeter voice.

Megan Nash
Dana Beeler is a singer songwriter from Halifax. Her songwriting is what drew me in, but I have a special place in my heart for her smokey vocals. In 2015, we toured the country together, and I became more than familiar with her music. I fell more in love with her songs at every show. Her song Sailor Song is one of my favourites.

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