Another meter catches fire in Regina, SaskPower urges public to stay vigilant

A Regina family was at home watching a movie when they heard two bangs, checked their sunroom and saw the SaskPower meter was on fire.

Fire crews have responded to 5 meter failures since last week

Fire crews were called to a home on Parkland Drive Sunday afternoon after a SaskPower meter caught fire. (Stephanie Taylor/CBC)

Persisting hot, dry weather has caused another SaskPower meter box to catch fire in Regina, the utility provider confirms. 

A meter caught fire at a home on 3438 Parkland Drive on Sunday around 2 p.m. 

Tina Munro was at home with her two sons watching a movie when they heard two loud thuds. 

"The kind of sound when a bird flies into a window," she recalled, while standing outside her home Sunday afternoon.

"My husband and I went into our sun room where we expected to find the cat trying to get out of the window at the birds and we saw a small blaze on the side of the house where there is the power box and a bush."

"The bush was on fire and it did eventually smoke itself out and we called emergency services and we evacuated the house," said Munro. 

A meter caught fire on the side of a house on Parkland Drive Sunday (SaskPower)

Both fire and SaskPower crews responded to the scene. 

Crews inspecting homes

Leanne Persicke, a spokesperson for SaskPower, confirmed there was a failure with the box, attributable to the electrical cables being pulled down as a result of ground settling caused by dry weather.

She said over the past few days, crews have been proactively inspecting homes in older neighbourhoods in the city, such as Normanview, Uplands and Glencairn, to see if cables have been compromised. 

Sunday's blaze wasn't in one of those neighbourhoods and the home not been recently inspected. Munro said the meter is in a spot she and her husband don't pay attention to.

SaskPower says meters have failed across the city. (Stephanie Taylor/CBC)

Numerous failures

"We have had failures across the city," said Persicke.

SaskPower said fire crews have responded to five box failures since last week. But since Friday, the utility provider has received 23 calls from homeowners, mostly triggered by partial or complete electrical outages.

Persicke encouraged residents to check their power meter boxes to see if it has tilted, which may indicate a cable has shifted. 

In that case, residents are asked to contact SaskPower at 1-888-757-6937.