Saskatchewan man builds drivable space bike

Tom Masuk of Pangman has modified his scooter into a space bike.

The inventor says he gets a few odd looks when he drives down the highway

Tom Masuk has modified his scooter into a space bike. (Submitted )

It's a creation built from junk, and items from the Dollar Store. 

It comes from the mind of Tom Masuk of Pangman, Sask, about 100 kilometres south of Regina. He moved to the tiny community from British Columbia about 10 months ago. 

To keep busy, he fabricated a 1950s-styled space bike this winter. Underneath it all is a 2007 Yamaha Majesty, a 400cc scooter. 

The frame or structure hasn't been altered, and it's completely safe.- Tom Masuk

"People warned me about the long Saskatchewan winters so I found a bike on a used Regina site. I thought 'let's be difficult and make something else out of it'" Masuk said. 

He added he wanted to build something that looked like a bumper car and he succeeded. 

"I started by making a skirt for it, like a lampshade, and then I just kept adding to it. I got stuff  from the auto wrecker, and then I went to the Dollar Store for some bowls," he said.

The rear tail lights are LED lights, surrounded by salad bowls from the Dollar Store. The outer cage over the lights is a giant metal fruit bowl.

"That one cost me nearly $4," Masuk said

Tom Masuk spent his first winter in Saskatchewan building the space bike.

"I also bought a couple of square mesh fruit bowls and I stepped on them to flatten them."

Around the skirt he added about 2,000 LED lights and painted the body silver. Masuk said the entire outer body of the motorbike can be unbolted and taken off. 

"The frame or structure hasn't been altered, and it's completely safe." 

Since he's built it – he's put 6,000 kilometres on it. He said he gets a lot of odd looks when he's driving the space bike.

Masuk worked at an auto wrecker for more than 20 years and he's no stranger to customizing vehicles. He's made a school bus into a motor home, built tiny custom vehicles, four dozen street rods and V8 trikes.  

Masuk is a cancer survivor, and he's never smoked or drank. He said building things like this space bike is his therapy. 

With Files from CBC Radio's The Afternoon Edition