Law Society of Saskatchewan hit by ransomware attack in April

The Law Society of Saskatchewan says it fell victim to a ransomware attack April 3 — but it was independent of the WannaCry outbreak that has affected 150 countries.

Data and operating system affected by file encryption, society rebuilt its system

A screenshot of the warning screen from a purported ransomware attack, as captured by a computer user in Taiwan. The Law Society of Saskatchewan said an April ransomware attack encrypted data and corrupted its operating system. (Mark Schiefelbein/The Associated Press)

The Law Society of Saskatchewan says it has recovered after a ransomware attack in April. 

The organization's computer system was infected by a ransomware attack that encrypted its files, corrupted its operating system and rendered its IT environment inoperable around April 3.

The April attack was not connected to the current WannaCry ransomware outbreak which has affected 150 countries.

As a result, the Law Society said it had to completely rebuild its IT environment with increased security after the cyberattack. 

The Law Society said it did not pay any ransom and has operated without incident since. It said no information was compromised. 

Other cyberattacks in the province

The province of Saskatchewan announced on Monday it had been the subject of a cyberattack.

The government was hit with a denial of service attack on May 12, according to Richard Murray, deputy minister of Central Services. 

Murray said no information had been compromised and all files were backed up and restored. The province had not determined whether the attack was related to the WannaCry cyberattacks.

Pro Sport Rehab and Fitness in Saskatoon was the victim of a ransomware attack in October

Client information was encrypted and held for ransom. The provincial privacy commissioner recommended that Pro Sport only collect heath care numbers of clients when the care provided is paid for by the public system.