Extreme fire risk, crop 'stress' result of Sask. heat wave

The heat wave that has settled on the province is creating problems for some crops and increase the risk of wildfires through most of the province.

Temperatures expected to hover around 30 C throughout the weekend

There's more hot weather on the way for Saskatchewan. (Mike McArthur/CBC)

If you plan on making the most out of the hot weather in Saskatchewan this weekend, be careful about lighting any bonfires. 

Natural Resources Canada shows most of the southern part of the province is at an extreme or high risk for wildfires. 

The risk is lesser in areas of the province north of Prince Albert, with the risk returning to high around the Lac Brochet region.

According to Natural Resources Canada, risk of fire in Saskatchewan is considerably higher this year (right) compared to July 7, 2016 (left). Blue means low risk of wildfires while red means extremely high risk. (Natural Resources Canada)

Map legend:

  • Purple- low
  • Green-moderate
  • Yellow-high
  • Brown-very high
  • Red-extreme

To illustrate just how hot temperatures have been as of late, a map of fire danger for this time last year showed the province was at a low risk. 

According to Environment Canada, temperatures will stay at around 30 C throughout the weekend and in the high 20s next week. 

The hot weather is also causing "stress" to some crops, particularly in the south, according to the province's latest crop report.