Drones capture sky-high footage for Saskatchewan government

With 651,900 square kilometres to keep tabs on, the Ministry of Environment gets help from a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones.

Ministry of Environment has fleet of 25 UAVs

One of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment drones. (Neil Cochrane, CBC)

With 651,000 square kilometres to keep tabs on, Saskatchewan's Ministry of Environment now gets help from a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones.

The 25 photo-and video-snapping gizmos perform a bunch of jobs, from mapping environmental sensitive lands, to helping with landfill, mine site and environmental permit investigations, to conducting shoreline audits and tracking unlawful hunting.

Saskatchewan's Ministry of Environment is now using drones to collect information across the province. 0:21

Since beginning training in 2014, 50 Ministry of Environment workers have been taught how to operate drones.

Brent Bitter, who runs the spatial information management and modelling unit with the ministry, said the program keeps workers safe, reduces costs and saves time.

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