How Sask. digital creators are finding new ways to keep audiences engaged through the pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way these digital creators are producing content online.

COVID-19 pushes content creators to think outside the box

Ling Dela Cruz is an influencer and digital content creator in Regina. (Submitted by Ling Dela Cruz)

The pandemic has changed the way some Saskatchewan digital creators are producing content online.

Ling Dela Cruz is a food blogger from Regina. She started her food blogging journey while living in Winnipeg, but has since continued to grace the online world with pieces about Regina restaurants. 

As someone who always enjoyed posting her meals on social media, Dela Cruz decided to start using her platform to document and review local restaurants she visited. 

"It feeds my soul. I really enjoy going to restaurants and so I enjoy sharing what I really like with people who may not necessarily try the dishes I like to post," Dela Cruz said. 

She hopes to inspire people to try a locally-owned restaurant that offers something new and different from their go-to food choices. 

Ling Dela Cruz moved back to Regina and documents food gems in the Queen City. (Submitted by Ling Dela Cruz)

When restrictions were placed on indoor dining, Dela Cruz had to find a new way to create content. She opted to write about restaurants offering curbside pick-up and delivery. 

Now that social media platforms like Instagram are pushing creators to share more videos, Ling has changed the way she produces her content. 

"Before people were interested in looking at photos and reading your reviews, now people want to get that experience of having that meal with you," said Dela Cruz. 

She is not alone when it comes to switching up the way she produces content. 

Makyla Legault is an interior stylist. (Submitted by Makyla Legault)

Makyla Legault is from Regina, but started her work life as a pre-school teacher in Swift Current. Now she runs her own interior styling business, Planted Creative, and uses her social media platform to share her content. 

While there were some moments she felt unmotivated, she was able to overcome them. 

"What kept me motivated was loving what I do. I didn't want to stop before I had started even though I began at probably the most difficult time ever. Just knowing and thinking about how good it will feel to get going is what kept me motivated," said Legault. 

At the beginning of the pandemic she was not able to do in-person consultations, which made for a slow start. Now as vaccine and masking mandates have lifted in Saskatchewan, she said "it has literally opened the door" for her to go into people's homes again.

Legault details how to create frozen dino eggs for a sensory play activity. (Submitted by Makyla Legault)

Legault also shares videos of different activities she creates with and for her children to keep them busy.

Through her online following, she realized she was not alone when it came to some of the feelings as a parent with "littles" in the home. 

"My kids love the activities. We did something new every single day and it was extremely engaging for them, said Legault. "My kids are big time table-top activities, being engaged in something for the majority of the day. So they were living their best life, loving it." 


Moreen Mugerwa is a journalist with CBC Saskatchewan. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Regina. She works as a portrait and lifestyle photographer in her spare time.


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