Muyres crew makes Team Saskatchewan a true family at the Brier

The Muyres — brothers Dallan and Kirk, as well as their father Lyle — make up three-fifths of Team Saskatchewan. Their early success at this year's Tim Hortons Brier curling championship in Regina has been extra special.

2 sons team up with dad for a unique team at this year's Brier

Saskatchewan second Kirk Muyres, left, and lead Dallan Muyres sweep a rock as they play Manitoba at the Tim Hortons Brier curling championship at the Brandt Centre in Regina on Sunday, March 4, 2018. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan)

Team Saskatchewan's early success at this year's Tim Hortons Brier curling championship in Regina has been extra special for the Muyres family.

That shouldn't be a surprise considering the Saskatoon family — brothers Dallan and Kirk, as well as their father Lyle — make up three-fifths of Team Saskatchewan. Dallan is the team's lead, Kirk is second and Lyle is the alternate/assistant coach.

Lyle said being on the same team with his sons is pretty special. However, in games like their final-shot win on Monday afternoon, it can be hard to separate being a parent from being a teammate.

"It's pretty difficult to be honest," Lyle said. "You lose perspective. You are the coach, the guy that is supposed to be thinking your way through this. But reality is I'm as tense as I can be out there."

"Mind you, it wasn't any easier for my wife in the stands," he added.

Brotherly love

Playing together is nothing new for Kirk and Dallan. The brothers have been together on skip Steve Laycock's team for six years, but they have played together on-and-off for pretty much their entire lives. 

"It actually works out pretty good because sometimes you can — I always joke — say things that you might say to your brother that you can't say to others," Dallan said.

"It's unique that way for sure."

When asked if Dallan said things he actually doesn't want to hear, Kirk said that also happens.

"I take them and move on so it's not so bad," Kirk said, laughing. "We kind of have this almost sixth sense from growing up together. We don't necessarily need all the words to get what we mean. We just kind of know when we look at each other ... and it's fun to obviously play with your family."

Their dad Lyle doesn't take too much credit for his son's curling success, but he does admit to playing a key motivating role.

"I take credit for the fact that I dragged them to curling rinks until they were 15 years old," Lyle said.

"Then for a couple of years they dragged me to curling rinks (and) we curled together. Now I think it's just a chance to be with them and spend some time."

While strong curling families are nothing new, mixing family and sport doesn't always work.

"I sometimes wonder if a parent is the right thing in a coaching role," Lyle said. "But they're stuck with me until I retire."

Front-row seats

Saskatchewan lead Dallan Muyres, right, and third Kirk Muyres sweep during hot shots competition at the Brier in Calgary, Alta., Friday, Feb. 27, 2015. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh)

As the two main sweepers for Team Saskatchewan, the Muyres brothers get to see every shot up-close and all the way down the ice.

On Monday, that was extra special as the brothers swept their teammate Matt Dunstone's final rock to victory in a 7-6 win over Eddie MacKenzie's team out of Prince Edward Island.

During that tense moment, the Saskatchewan crowd yelled "curl, curl, curl". So what was Kirk thinking while he slid down the ice?

"'Curl, curl, curl!'" he said, laughing.

Dallan, who both the brothers agreed is the more patient one, had a different mindset.

"My reaction was, 'Yeah, the weight is pretty good. Looks like the line is good.' You know, the patient side of things. So no, I wasn't worried. I was dialed in and doing my job, that's all I could do. I can't do much more than relay the weight information and go from there."

Regardless of how Saskatchewan finishes at this Brier, one thing is for sure: family and friends of the Muyres will be hearing them talk about these memories at the next holiday gathering.

"We'll remember this forever," Kirk said.

"The other cool thing is we go to Christmas suppers together and what are we talking about? We're talking about curling around the dinner table and talking about maybe that Brier game we snuck out against Eddie MacKenzie in 2018."

The Muyres and Team Saskatchewan (3-2) won their third-straight game with an 8-4 win over Northern Ontario (4-1) on Tuesday morning. They'll take on Nunavut (0-5) at 7 p.m. CST Tuesday night.

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