Saskatchewan no longer planning 'plategate'-inspired trade meeting with Alberta

Saskatchewan's Ministry on Trade and Export Development says licence plates on job sites are no longer an issue.

Government says licence plates on job sites no longer a priority

Saskatchewan said in December it was banning workers in company vehicles with Alberta plates from new road projects. That ban was later dropped. (The Muskegon Chronicle, Ken Stevens/AP)

The Saskatchewan government no longer plans to meet with Alberta about trade issues stemming from a dispute over licence plates on job sites.

A meeting between trade officials from the two provinces was being planned in January following a dispute, dubbed "plategate," that started last December when Saskatchewan banned vehicles with Alberta licence plates at its job sites.

Saskatchewan formally dropped the ban on Jan. 22, but at first defended the move as retaliation to similar rules being in place in Alberta. No proof was provided of this actually happening.

According to an Alberta spokesperson a few days later, Saskatchewan asked for a trade meeting on the topic to be delayed until a new premier was elected and a cabinet was picked.

"The Government of Saskatchewan no longer believes a meeting on the licence plate issue is required," the Ministry on Trade and Export Development sent to CBC News on Tuesday. 

"We will continue to work with the Government of Alberta on priority issues such as ensuring that the Trans Mountain Pipeline is built, and continue to work with our federal and provincial partners to ensure our trade priorities." 

Alberta Minister of Economy Deron Bilous said Tuesday he understands the meeting is no longer necessary since the licence plate issue is resolved, and pledged to continue working with Saskatchewan on various other trade issues. 

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