Sask. RCMP search for clues in decade-old death of Ontario man

The RCMP are looking for more answers today in a decade-old death of a man on a southern Saskatchewan First Nation reserve.

The RCMP are looking for more answers today in a decade-old death of a man on a southern Saskatchewan First Nation reserve.

Robin Cocks was last seen on the Sakimay First Nation in 2003 when he was around 34.

His skull and jawbone were found last August in a remote part of the reserve, which is located about 160 kilometres east of Regina, when two band members were out looking for deer antlers.

RCMP connected the remains to the missing man this spring. At the time, they said there was no indication he died of foul play.

Cocks is originally from Dalles First Nation in Kenora, Ont. 

He had hitchhiked to Vancouver and was living there, in what RCMP refer to as a "high risk lifestyle involving illegal drugs," before taking a trip to Sakimay.

A woman he hitchhiked to the reserve with in 2003 said one evening Cocks was acting strangely. She said he climbed out of a window wearing only jeans and a t-shirt. 

People at the house assumed he'd hitched a ride back to Vancouver, but he was never seen again.

On Friday, about 25 Mounties, RCMP staff and volunteers were searching the reserve for more clues about how he might have died.

The searchers will be looking for clothing or remains with a focus on the area around the house where Cocks was last seen and the area where his skull was located on April 13, 2012. 

Forensic expert Ernie Walker from the University of Saskatchewan will be at the scene to assist in identifying items.