Grant Devine Lake 1 of 3 new landmarks named for Sask. premiers

Three former Saskatchewan premiers will have landmarks in this province named after them.

Grant Devine, Roy Romanow and Ross Thatcher latest to be honoured

Former premier Grant Devine helped create the Alameda dam and lake, which will now be named after him. (CBC)

Feel like taking a dip in Grant Devine Lake next summer?

That is an option, now that three former Saskatchewan premiers have landmarks named after them, including the former reservoir and dam near Alameda, in the province's southeast.

The government announced the honours for former premiers Ross Thatcher, Grant Devine and Roy Romanow on Wednesday.

Devine, who was premier from 1982 until 1991, will have the Alameda lake and dam which he helped to create in the southeast named after him.

The reservoir and dam at Alameda, Sask., will be named after former premier Grant Devine. (Joel M. Galloway/USGS)

The Moose Jaw campus of Saskatchewan Polytechnic will be named after Thatcher, who served as premier from 1964 until shortly before his death in 1971.

The main building at the Moose Jaw Campus of Saskatchewan Polytechnic is now named the W. Ross Thatcher Building. (Government of Saskatchewan)

The provincial disease testing laboratory in Regina will now be named after Romanow, who served as premier from 1991 until 2001.

The Saskatchewan Provincial Laboratory in Regina is now named the Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory. (Government of Saskatchewan)

Earlier this fall, the adult campus of Regina public schools was opened in its new location and renamed for former premier Allan Blakeney.

"Regardless of how you feel about politics, all of these three individuals — well four, including premier Blakeney — contributed greatly to this province," said Premier Brad Wall.

"They served this province and I think it's reasonable that there would be some appropriate naming."

Wall said the province worked with the former premiers themselves, or with their families, to make sure they also felt it was appropriate.

Naming landmarks after former premiers was the recommendation of a recent report by former lieutenant-governor Gordon Barnhart.

Interim Opposition leader Nicole Sarauer was supportive.

"It's an absolute honour to be able to serve our province in that way, as premier. It's important that we honour those who did serve and I'm happy to see that today," she said. 

The government says that former premier Lorne Calvert will have something named after him, once premier Brad Wall has retired.

The policy recommends buildings or landmarks that do not already bear the name of a person can be named after former premiers, except for the immediate past premier.