Sask. musician Colter Wall finds new audience with wrestlers and bounty hunters

Colter Wall has not been at the music business for long, but he's getting some attention from some interesting corners of the world.

2 songs were recently featured on Dog the Bounty Hunter

(Colter Wall)

Colter Wall, a young singer-songwriter from Swift Current, has been in the music business for only a short time. But he's getting some attention from some interesting corners of the world.

His music, which he he calls a blend of blues, folk and Americana, got a big boost on Twitter from WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar. Wall said Lesnar recently moved to Saskatchewan.

"I've recently been in contact with him, he's a real great guy. And obviously a good person to have as a fan," Wall said.

Another pro-wrestler, Curtis Axel, who Wall knows through a mutual friend in Kentucky tweeted back saying he's been listening to Wall's music as well.

"How this all happened is just insane to me, but I'm happy that it did," Wall said.

As well, a couple of Wall's songs were featured on Dog the Bounty Hunter. That came about through the musician's connection to Saskatoon-born celebrity Shannon Tweed. 

"[She] was kind enough to spread the good word to a friend of hers who is Beth Chapman, who is Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife," Wall explained.

After it aired, Wall said there was some strong social medial activity. 

As for music sales, "so far I'm still able to eat and still able to sustain and survive off of what I making through my music," he said.

Wall has been touring out West and down in Nashville. He is currently taking a few days off to help friends build a fence in Herbert, Sask.


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