Sask. man builds gigantic Nintendo console for fun, charity

Jeremy Rieger's first Nintendo brought him a lot of joy as a child. That's why he decided to build a giant one to raise money for the Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan.

Recipe for giant Nintendo table: carpentry skills, an eye for design, a love of gaming and a heart to help

Jeremy Rieger hopes to sell the massive Nintendo table he built and give some of the money to the Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan. (Jeremy Rieger)

Jeremy Rieger is a Regina carpenter by trade with an eye for design and a love for gaming. 

When he spotted a gigantic Nintendo console online, he resolved to build one of his own.

"It's just such an iconic thing. When you see it, it brings back the memories you had when you were a kid," he explained.

Jeremy Rieger made sure to account for the old Nintendo's cartridge slot, and built a drawer on the table. (Jeremy Rieger)

"I love Nintendo. I had one of those as a kid," Rieger said. "I just played it for countless hours."

So, Rieger borrowed an old Nintendo from a friend and spent countless, meticulous hours measuring the model, creating drafts of the design and eventually constructing the massive gaming console. 

Jeremy Rieger's table is based on the Nintendo console. (Jeremy Rieger)

Two weeks later, he had a perfect, huge replica standing in his garage. He even accounted for the cartridge compartment by creating a drawer in the table.

Rieger hopes to sell the table and donate a portion of the proceeds to the Children's Hospital Foundation.

"A video game console is sort of a children's type of toy, so I thought it would be a great idea to see if there's any interest in it," he said.

He said he was inspired to donate after witnessing the hardship a family friend went through before her sick son died.

"They had to drive him out of province, to Edmonton, and he eventually passed away," he explained.

Since posting photos of his creation on Facebook, Rieger said he has been flooded with interest. But, he hasn't found a buyer for the Nintendo table yet.

Another one of Jeremy Rieger's creation, inspired from childhood. (Jeremy Rieger)

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Madeline Kotzer


Madeline Kotzer is an award-winning Saskatchewan journalist and social media news editor/presenter for CBC Saskatchewan and CBC Saskatoon.