Saskatchewan election: Big wins and losses

Find out what the big wins and losses of the night were.

Who's in and who's out among the Sask. Party and NDP star candidates

Leaders Brad Wall and Cam Broten saw their parties take some wins and losses during the 2016 Saskatchewan election. (CBC)

This Monday`s Saskatchewan election mostly turned out according to the polls, but there were a few surprises to know about in a number of key constituencies. 

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Cam Broten narrowly lost his seat in Saskatoon Westview. The party made gains in Prince Albert Northcote where social worker Nicole Rancourt beat out incumbent Saskatchewan Party candidate Victoria Jurgens.

The Saskatchewan Party lost in Cumberland, where it was hoping for a win for star candidate Thomas Sierzycki, who is the mayor of La Ronge. The Sask. Party's Mark Docherty held onto his seat in Regina Coronation Park, where he was up against a strong NDP candidate, Ted Jaleta. 

Incumbent = *

Elected = bolded


This is one of two northern seats in the province which the NDP has held for many decades, and continues to hold. 

Incumbent Doyle Vermette took the win against the young mayor of La Ronge, Thomas Sierzycki. The Saskatchewan Party considered the young mayor one of its star candidates.

  • *VERMETTE Doyle (New Democratic Party)
  • SIERZYCKI Thomas (Sask. Party)
  • TAYLOR-LESSARD Mick (Green Party)
  • MORIN George (Liberal Party)


Incumbent Bill Boyd was re-elected with large support. Boyd's constituency was one to watch, as the MLA weathered some controversy in recent years — from exploding smart meters to a land sale west of Regina. 

He was up against former Saskatchewan Party MLA Jason Dearborn, who ran as an independent. 

  • *BOYD Bill (Sask. Party) 
  • JEDLICKA Charles (New Democratic Party)
  • DONALD Darren (Liberal Party)
  • SMITH Terry (Progressive Conservative Party)
  • DEARBORN Jason E. (Independent)

Moose Jaw North

Incumbent Warren Michelson won this constituency with a healthy lead over the NDP's Corey Atkinson. Atkinson is a journalist and father who advocates for kids with cognitive disabilities.

This seat was held by the NDP until 2007, when Warren Michelson won it for the Sask. Party over long-time MLA Glenn Hagel.

  • *MICHELSON Warren (Sask. Party)
  • ATKINSON Corey (New Democratic Party)
  • MACLOWICH Caleb (Green Party)
  • COLENUTT Brenda (Liberal Party)

Moose Jaw Wakamow

This was another steal by the Saskatchewan Party in 2011, and Sask. Party MLA Greg Lawrence held onto it this election.  It had been an NDP stronghold since the mid-1980s.

Lawrence was challenged by nurse Karen Purdy for the NDP. 

Lawrence faced controversy earlier in the campaign due to an allegation, which he vehemently denied, that Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski referred to Purdy as an NDP whore. (Lukiwski says he meant NDP "horde".)

  • *LAWRENCE Greg (Sask. Party)
  • PURDY Karen (New Democratic Party)
  • DRAKE Shaun Francis (Green Party)
  • GABEL Terry (Liberal Party)

Prince Albert Carlton

This traditionally NDP stronghold went to the Saskatchewan Party in 2007, and there it stays. 

No incumbent was running, but prominent businessman Joe Hargrave took the win by more than 10 percentage points. 

  • HARGRAVE Joe (Sask. Party)
  • LAZAROWICH Shayne (New Democratic Party)
  • YELLOWTAIL Asia (Green Party)
  • MCKAY Winston (Liberal Party)

Prince Albert Northcote

This seat was held by the NDP for two decades until the Sask. Party's Victoria Jurgens won it in 2011 by fewer than 200 votes.

Nicole Rancourt — a social worker who deals with mental health and is active in her union — has taken it back by a few percentage points. 

  • *JURGENS Victoria (Sask. Party)
  • RANCOURT Nicole (New Democratic Party)
  • YELLOWTAIL Trace (Green Party)
  • FRASER Jonathan (Liberal Party)

Regina Coronation Park

Incumbent Mark Docherty won this area for the Saskatchewan Party again, against well-known opponent in Ted Jaleta, who describes himself as someone who's been a "runner, prisoner, refugee, immigrant, world-class athlete, coach, leader and motivational speaker." 

Docherty is well known in the community for his work with groups such as the Street Culture Kidz Project and the North Central Community Association. He won by about 200 votes. 

  • *DOCHERTY Mark (Sask. Party)
  • JALETA Ted (New Democratic Party)
  • PYLYPCHUK Melvin (Green Party)
  • JIJIAN Tara (Liberal Party)
  • HUDGIN Douglas (Independent)

Regina Douglas Park

The NDP has traditionally held this seat, although the Sask. Party's Russ Marchuk had an upset win in 2011. Marchuk didn't run again this time, leaving no incumbent in the area. 

The NDP's Nicole Sarauers, a lawyer and school trustee, took the win with more than 50 per cent of the vote. 

Redistribution hurt the Sask. Party's lead in this constituency. Saskatchewan's Green Party Leader Victor took just shy of seven per cent of the vote. 

  • KATZ Cynthia (Sask. Party)
  • SARAUER Nicole (New Democratic Party)
  • LAU Victor (Green Party)
  • SCHROEDER Curt (Liberal Party)

Regina Lakeview

Carla Beck won the constituency, keeping a seat that`s been historically NDP. 

This constituency was held for more than two decades by veteran NDP MLA John Nilson until his retirement from politics. However in 2011, it was close.

He won by fewer than 150 votes, with 48.3 per cent to the Sask. Party's 46.6 per cent.

  • BECK Carla (New Democratic Party)
  • COOPER Dan (Sask. Party)
  • NEUFELD Larry (Green Party)
  • KERR Stewart (Liberal Party)

Regina Rosemont

The NDP's Trent Wotherspoon was able to keep his seat in this spot.  He was up against the Saskatchewan Party's Kevin Dureau, a member of the city's business community.

The new boundaries resulted in a predicted drop in the NDP's lead in this constituency from 822 votes to 461 votes. Wotherspoon won by more than 800 votes. 

  • *WOTHERSPOON Trent (New Democratic Party)
  • DUREAU Kevin (Sask. Party)
  • PIOTROFSKY Sara (Green Party)
  • HILL Reid (Liberal Party)

Regina University

Sask. Party candidate Tina Beaudry-Mellor took a victory here against another fairly well-known candidate, Aleana Young for the NDP. 

Both women have experience in education, and there was no incumbent. Beaudry-Mellor had about five per cent more of the vote than Young. 

  • BEAUDRY-MELLOR Tina (Sask. Party)
  • YOUNG Aleana (New Democratic Party)
  • TESFAMARIAM Yordanos (Green Party)
  • VOLODKO Silvia (Liberal Party)

Saskatoon Fairview

Sask. Party incumbent Jennifer Campeau narrowly held onto her seat by fewer than 200 votes. 

Since winning in 2011, Campeau was given a cabinet portfolio as minister for the Provincial Capital Commission.

NDP candidate Vicki Mowat had been campaigning for almost two years straight — since May 2014.

  • *CAMPEAU Jennifer (Sask. Party)
  • MOWAT Vicki (New Democratic Party)
  • MCGRAW Debbie (Green Party)
  • RUKH Shah (Liberal Party)

Saskatoon Meewasin

This was another steal for the Saskatchewan Party from the NDP in 2011, when business consultant Roger Parent knocked off veteran MLA and former cabinet minister Frank Quennell.

Parent kept his seat against former reporter and community activist Nicole White by about four per cent of the vote. 

  • *PARENT Roger (Sask. Party)
  • WHITE Nicole (New Democratic Party)
  • GALL Daeren (Green Party)
  • SACHER Constance (Liberal Party)

Saskatoon University

Saskatoon city councillor Eric Olauson took the win in this area with a healthy five per cent lead over the NDP's Jennifer Bower. The constituency was one to watch, with no incumbent. 

He drew controversy earlier in the campaign when he joined the list of candidates with previous impaired driving convictions. 

  • OLAUSON Eric (Sask. Party)
  • BOWES Jennifer (New Democratic Party)
  • HALL Garnet (Green Party)
  • JASEEM Ezaz (Liberal Party)
  • BUSCHOLL Rose (Progressive Conservative Party)

Saskatoon Westview

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Cam Broten won this seat by just 44 votes last election, but couldn't hold onto it with the redrawn map boundaries. 

David Buckingham of the Sask. Party took this riding with less than 100 votes over Broten. 

  • *BROTEN Cam (New Democratic Party)
  • BUCKINGHAM David (Sask. Party)
  • MCDONALD Tammy (Green Party)
  • ANWAR Naveed (Liberal Party)

The Battlefords

Herb Cox, an incumbent, easily took The Battlefords with more than double the votes of the NDP, which came in second. 

The NDP ran lawyer Rob Feist , who was a former captain in the Canadian Armed Forces. This constituency has mostly been NDP in its past, until 2011. 

  • *COX Herb (Sask. Party)
  • FEIST Rob (New Democratic Party)
  • HUNT Josh (Green Party)
  • GOPHER Dexter (Liberal Party)


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