Sask. dog adopted after more than 1,200 days in foster care

After a long journey, Milo has found a forever home.

Milo was first found as a terrified, starving stray in Yorkton, Sask.

Milo was adopted after more than 1,200 days in foster care. (Submitted by Susan Pease)

A dog named Milo has found his forever home after more than 1,200 days in foster care. 

Milo's journey from abuse to love wasn't easy. He was picked up as a terrified, starving stray in Yorkton, Sask, in the summer of 2016.

He was rescued by the Pack Project — a charity and non-profit organization based in Regina. 

"He was an animal who was abused and neglected — potentially left for dead," said Dave Forster, board chair at the Pack Project.

"So we were fortunate."

Milo was pretty much shut down when he first arrived in care, Dave Forster said. (The Pack Project/Website)

The organization fostered Milo with Susan Pease, who specializes in dogs who have had past abuse. 

"I'm sure when she agreed I don't think she expected it to be 1,200 days," Forster said with a laugh. 

Sometimes taking in dogs that have been abused or neglected can be a gamble, he said. The organization doesn't know how they will turn out or what their health needs are.

Milo didn't like any closed containers when he first arrived in foster care, Dave Forster said. (The Pack Project/Website)

At first Milo was pretty much shut down, Forster said. 

"He was scared of the world and scared of everything in the world," Forster said.

Dave Forster with The Pack Project tells Saskatchewan Weekend host Peter Mills about the incredible journey of a dog named Milo. 10:07

Pease spent a lot of time gaining Milo's trust, Forster said. His transformation was "remarkable," Forster said. 

"As he got on and his confidence built and his trust of people was built — he started to progress."

Milo started to improve with help from his foster mom, Susan Pease. (Submitted by Susan Pease)

Typically, puppies spend only two to four weeks in foster care, while adult dogs spend around six to ten weeks. Milo's 1,200 days was unusual, Forster said. 

Milo's favourite game in the whole word is 'tug,' Susan Pease said. (Submitted by Susan Pease)

It took some time, but Milo was eventually put up for adoption. The Pack Project posted his photo and story on Facebook. A man stepped forward, spent some time gaining Milo's trust, then took the dog to his forever home in Qu'Appelle, Sask. 

"The family loves him and he's doing amazing," Forster said.

Milo was adopted after more than 1,200 days in foster care. (The Pack Project/Facebook)

Forster said they still stay in touch and keep up with Milo and get the occasional picture. 

"There's a big smile on his face and toys all around him and he clearly is enjoying life."

With files from Saskatchewan Weekend and Peter Mills


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