Sask. doctor facing charges for allegedly having sex with his patients

Saskatchewan's College of Physicians and Surgeons has brought 11 charges against Dr. Josias Furstenberg under the The Medical Profession Act.

Doctor alleged to have been prescribing large quantity of opioids to patient he had sex with

Dr. Josias Furstenberg practices in Prince Albert, Sask (Facebook)

A doctor in Saskatchewan is facing multiple charges of unprofessional conduct after allegedly having sex with his patients.

Dr. Josias Furstenberg, who practices in Prince Albert, Sask., is alleged to have had sex with five patients according to charges brought against him by Saskatchewan's College of Physicians and Surgeons last month.

As the regulatory body for doctors, the college handles complaints of professional misconduct. 

In total, Furstenberg faces 11 charges. He has yet to have a hearing.

Of the charges, five are related to sexual violations with patients. The others stem from incidents of ethical breaches where medical information was improperly accessed and photos — as well as other patient information — was shared.

The college alleges that in one of the cases, Furstenberg was prescribing a large amount of opioids to a patient with a drug dependency that he also had sex with. 

In another case, Furstenberg was allegedly renting a property to one of his patients, who he attempted to kiss.

In January 2016, the college says he also texted someone saying that a patient was "drug seeking again" and that "she was a total bitch."

These are the first charges to be brought against Furstenberg by the province's college.

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