Sarath Peiris

Sarath Peiris was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 1955 and spent his career at the Moose Jaw Times Herald and Saskatoon StarPhoenix. He was the StarPhoenix’s opinions editor and editorial writer.

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Sask. government counting on this budget to get it past voting day, but more pain on the horizon

Consider that Saskatchewan hasn't made any progress with tackling its accumulated debt over the past decade, even though the period has been the most prosperous in provincial history. Every penny of revenue, mostly from resources, has been spent as fast it came in, and then some. This budget promises more of the same.

Sask. should set up a futures fund using share of natural resource revenues

As counterintuitive as the notion might seem when Finance Minister Donna Harpauer is projecting a budget shortfall that could be as high $3.3 billion due to factors beyond the province’s control, it’s time for the Saskatchewan government to set up a futures fund using a share of natural resource revenues.

Sask. has 2nd highest testing in Canada. Why don't we have enough data to closely project the peak?

The COVID-19 modelling numbers presented Wednesday by the Saskatchewan Health Authority were eye-popping. The problem is that Saskatchewan’s modelling is based on three scenarios based on the outcomes in other regions, among them China and Italy, unlike Alberta’s projections based on data collected within the province.

OPINION| Inexplicable why Sask. gov't went ahead with 'scaled down', out-of-date budget

The Saskatchewan government's plan to "dovetail" provincial measures with the federal government spending announced Wednesday to cope with the COVID-19 crisis is sensible, says Sarath Peiris. But he says it's hard to understand why the government felt the need to go ahead with a "scaled-down" version of a provincial budget that has been out of date almost since it was put to bed on Feb. 28.

Leaders must 'act to heal the deep divisions' revealed by election results in Sask.

The solid blue painted over Saskatchewan after Monday’s election reveals — and will contribute to — the challenges that lie ahead for the province.

Opinion | Moe and Kenney's rhetoric on C-69, carbon tax is more talk than fact

One needs to stop for a moment to consider what Moe, Kenney and other opponents of C-69 hope to gain.

Opinion | Saskatchewan needs to get serious about abandoned oil and gas wells

It’s easy to forget about a hugely expensive legacy the energy industry is creating.

Saskatchewan Budget 2019: The devil, as always, is in the details

The next Saskatchewan election is 19 months away, but Premier Scott Moe’s government is setting the stage.

Saskatchewan's 'austerity budget' comes too late

A first glance at the Saskatchewan budget suggests that Finance Minister Kevin Doherty has looked everywhere for savings as he tries to hoist the province out the deep financial hole that's largely of the government's own creation.