'Running with the Bulls' at Canadian Western Agribition

‘Running with the Bulls’ is a new event in the Canadian Western Agribition entertainment lineup, and a $1,500 jackpot is at stake for those who take on the task.

Contestant hopes to win jackpot for upcoming wedding

75 daredevils will enter the arena to run with the bulls on Saturday at Canadian Western Agribition (Canadian Western Agribition)

More than 70 brave souls will be heading into the arena at Canadian Western Agribition to run with the bulls in Regina on Saturday.

'Running with the Bulls' is a new event in the Agribition entertainment lineup, and a $1,500 jackpot is at stake for those who take on the task.

Steve Tocher will be squaring off with the bulls, in hopes that he can take home the jackpot to his fiance for their upcoming wedding.

Overcoming his fear

Contestants are to do the best job of staying in the arena as three waves of three bulls roar past. The audience then picks their champion.

"I grew up on the farm and I was always kind of scared of the cows, like if we had to do something I'd get somebody else to hop in," said Tocher.

"Now it's kind of getting over my fear and trying to raise money at the same time."

Dressed for the occasion 

His personal strategy is simple: try to win over the audience, and not get hurt.

"I might take a red shirt, kind of like the bullfighters do in Spain, to kind of make it look good," he said.

Tocher plans to dress to be prepared, wearing hockey shoulder pads and ball cleats for more traction on the dirt.

The event takes places at the Brandt Centre on Saturday afternoon between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. CST.