Ruined historic mansion for sale in southeast Saskatchewan

A once-proud historic mansion is for sale at Cannington Manor.

Wealthy Brits in the Prairies built the property, but it has fallen into extreme disrepair

Before and after: The Didsbury mansion is seen in 1890 (left) and then again in 2006 (right). The house has turned into a pile of rubble over the years. (Submitted by Frank Korvemaker)

In the market for a once-proud mansion built more than 125 years ago?

Well, you might be out of luck.

The auction for what once was a grand house and stables on 14 acres of land in southeast Saskatchewan is over. It was part of the community of Cannington Manor.

Unfortunately, over the years it has fallen into extreme disrepair and is now a crumbling structure. 

In fact, one owner — a farmer — filled the ballroom with grain during a bumper crop year. 

Offers have been made to buy it, but they have not been accepted yet, according to owner Delva Rebin.

History of Didsbury

The house is called Didsbury, and it was a grand home back in its heyday for the sons of wealthy English aristocrats to learn how to run a big estate.

A future Prime Minister of England stayed there — David Lloyd George.

"Somebody said they preserved the pillow, but the pillow never made it down to us," Rebin told CBC Saskatchewan's Blue Sky.

"They had many sort of celebrity-type visitors come through."

She said the estate was originally designed in a grand style, chandeliers and all. Even the wainscotting in the stables was fancy enough to be in a fine lady's dining room. It hosted balls, cultural events and plenty of gambling.

Rebin said she is sad to part with it.

"My husband, who is the ultimate romantic, bought this for me for our anniversary." 

That was 45 years ago. And now Rebin hopes she can find a buyer with energy, money, imagination and a sense of romance to return the old place to its former glory.

"History isn't just some boring old thing you see in your text book. It's a fascinating part of who we are and besides all that it can be fun."