Radisson boy's rock museum, depleted by break-in, gets boost from Royal Sask. Museum donation

It was a case of perfect timing for the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Judah Tyreman.

Museum was broken into in March of this year

Judah Tyreman is replenishing his rock museum after it was broken into in March. (Trent Peppler/CBC News)

It was a case of perfect timing for the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM) and Judah Tyreman. 

Tyreman and his sister operate a rock museum in Radisson, Sask. In March, an estimated $6,000 to $8,000 worth of merchandise was stolen during a break-in. 

He vowed he would keep the museum open despite the theft. 

On Tuesday, the RSM donated some rocks from its collection to Tyreman. 

Judah Tyreman (L) and Ryan McKellar (R) look at rock specimens, some of which Tyreman will take back to Radisson with him to his own museum. (Trent Peppler/CBC News)

"It was one of those situations where timing worked out well," said Ryan McKellar, curator of invertebrate palaeontology with the RSM. 

"We were in the midst of cleaning up our geology collection and eliminating some of the duplicates and it turned out the timing was perfect, some of these duplicates could go to a good home," he said.

Tyreman said he is excited to see his collection grow. 

"It's very enjoyable," he said of the opportunity.  

"It will expand the collection quite a decent amount so I can display more, show everyone different pieces from the Royal Museum."

Tyreman examines some minerals on Tuesday at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. (Trent Peppler/CBC News)

Tyreman said he wants to expand the museum over the next few years.

"It's nice to get some Saskatchewan minerals in," he said.