Saskatchewan Roughriders unveil new, tweaked logo for 2016

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today new tweaks to the team's logo, which it plans to roll out immediately.

Team plans to start using updated logo immediately

This is the new logo the Saskatchewan Roughriders rolled out for the 2016 season. (Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club)

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have tweaked their logo.

In a news release, the football club said four main changes to the old logo include:

  • Inside liner has been eliminated.
  • Three inside horizontal lines are now straight instead of staggered.
  • Shortened tail on the S which is now equally balanced with the top.
  • Silver has been replaced with white.

See if you can tell the difference between the old and the new logos:

Here's the old Roughriders logo. Can you spot the differences? (Saskatchewan Roughriders)

"The timing was right for us to refresh and update our logo as we begin a new jersey partnership with adidas, and prepare to move into new Mosaic Stadium," said Riders vice-president of business development and marketing Gregg Sauter.

"While the changes are subtle, the logo more accurately reflects our official colour scheme with a clean and modern feel, while still maintaining the iconic image."

"Our goal was to evolve the logo in such a way that it becomes more vibrant with a distinct focus on the green and white," Sauter said in the news release.

The new logo is already in use and will be fully phased in by 2017.


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