Rosthern John Deere dealership to stay in business following fire that could cost up to $20M

The John Deere dealership in Rosthern, Sask. went up in flames on Sunday morning.

Company says empoyees will work from trailers, other locations

According to the Rosthern Fire Department, losses from the fire could cost up to $20 million. (Photo by Peter Baran)

A fire in Rosthern, Sask. could result in up to $20 million worth of damage, according to the Rosthern Fire Department.

Despite the destruction of the building, Cervus Equipment says it will continue to provide services to the community. 

Fire crews responded to a blaze at the John Deere dealership at 10 a.m. CST on Sunday and left the scene at about 8:30 p.m.

Mark Samber, health and safety manager from Cervus Equipment head office, said the building has been secured and is not operational, so employees will be working out of trailers on the property.

"We're making sure that our employees are taken care of and then of course our customers, ensuring they're notified and aware we're going to continue to service them, continue to carry on business as best we can," Samber said.

Samber said the location employs about 30 people. The dealership wasn't open on Sunday and no one was injured.

There were concerns regarding the surrounding area, which includes a gas station and grain elevators, but damage was contained to inside the building. All equipment outside was moved away.

The fire was extinguished at about 3 p.m. Crews from Duck Lake, Hague, Laird and Wakaw helped fight the blaze.

Samber said it is believed that the fire started inside the building although an investigation has not been completed at this time.

He said an exact assessment of damage has not be done, and the company is unsure whether part of the building will have to be demolished.

Fire crews responded to the fire at 10AM CST on Sunday. (Photo by Peter Baran)
Crews from Duck Lake, Hague, Laird and Wakaw helped put out the fire (Photo by Peter Baran)
The fire happened at Rosthern's John Deer dealership. (Photo by Peter Baran)