Rosemont strip mall serves as community hub

Pizza and bowling. This winning combo has had people in Regina's Rosemont neighbourhood meeting at the Rosemont Shopping Centre for nearly 50 years.

A slice of life in Rosemont: Pizza and bowling reign supreme

Kyle Harre runs Bolorama Lanes in the Rosemont Shopping Centre. It's been operating since 1961 and Harre has been bowling there since he was 4 years old. (Nichole Huck/CBC )

If you grew up in Regina's Rosemont neighbourhood you'll know that the Rosemont Shopping Centre is more than a strip mall - it's a community centre. 

A doorway beside the No Frill's grocery store leads you downstairs to a spot with more than fifty years of history. 

Behind the counter of Bolorama - you'll find Kyle Harre. 

Harre grew up in the neighbourhood and has been bowling at Bolorama since he was four years old. 

Harre said the alley was started by five firefighters who answered a newspaper ad by Brunswick Canada looking for people to operate a bowling alley in the newly built Rosemont neighbourhood. 

The 10 lane bowling alley was built in 1960 and stretches the entire length of the mall. But Harre admits not all the lanes are used as much as they used to be. 

"It used to be seven nights a week we'd have double shifts, we'd have full afternoon ladies leagues, a couple of morning ladies leagues," recounted Harre. "In fact we used to have a nursery to supply babysitting for women in the afternoon leagues."

Harre said his alley has maintained a strong league base while other alleys in the city have changed to attract new bowlers. "A lot have gone to more of an open play, party atmosphere, almost to a bar scene."

Harre said Bolorama attracts a wide range of bowlers, "from 3 year olds in our youth league to a lady who is turning 90 this weekend."

Serving up 40 years of pizza in Rosemont 

Owner Paul Howie and regular Al Hammond say Juliana Pizza serves as community hub. (Nichole Huck/CBC )

In the same strip mall as Bolorama is Juliana Pizza. The pizza place and lounge is the go-to destination for many league bowlers and dart enthusiasts. 

Paul Howie is one of the owner's. Juliana has been around for 44 years and it's been under his watch for the last decade. 

But it's not only the pizza that draws people to his restaurant, the lounge is home to a dart league that meets Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays. 

Howie said he has a lot of loyal customers. "Pretty much anybody that goes to Martin High School, if they still live here they come here."

Pretty much anybody that goes to Martin High School, if they still live here they come here.- Paul Howie, Juliana's Pizza 

Al Hammond is a regular customer. He says Juliana acts as a neighbourhood pub where people can gather after work, share a few drinks and a few laughs. 

"Great pizza, great people, good waitresses, it's an all-around good place to be," said Hammond. 

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