Rogers Media to acquire SCN Television

Rogers Media has announced a plan to take over 100 per cent of SCN Television.
Media giant Rogers wants to acquire SCN, Dean Gutheil reports. 2:11

It looks like the end of an era for SCN Television in Saskatchewan as a broadcast partnership turns into a takeover.  

Rogers Media has announced a plan to acquire a 100 per cent of SCN.  

Last month, SCN said it was sharing Citytv programming with Rogers.  

Now, Rogers says — pending CRTC approval — it will take over control of SCN.

The Toronto-based media giant is promising to keep SCN's educational programming and its Regina headquarters.

SCN was founded as a provincial public broadcasting channel by the Progressive Conservative government of Grant Devine in 1991.

It was privatised by the Wall government in 2010 and taken over by the Bluepoint Investment Corporation, its current owner.  

According to its website, SCN offers a wide range of program types, from documentaries to dramas. It purchases its content from a variety of sources, including local film and television producers.