They pulled over and had a baby: Sask. couple welcomes son on Highway 33

A healthy baby boy was born on the side of the highway outside Regina.

'Be prepared for this': Father uses iPhone cable to cut umbilical cord in vehicle

Highway delivery for Sask. baby

6 years ago
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A healthy baby boy was delivered on Highway 33 outside Regina early Wednesday morning.

Bikram and Jaspreet Sandhu were hoping to get to Regina early Wednesday morning, in time to deliver their second child. The baby, however, had other plans.

The Weyburn, Sask., couple were advised that, when the time comes, they should head to Regina for delivery as the local hospital closed its maternity ward some years ago.

The time came around 3 a.m. CST Wednesday. Jaspreet Sandhu was having contractions but nothing out of the ordinary and she was not concerned.

"We were actually thinking it might be a false alarm," Bikram Sandhu said. The couple figured they would have plenty of time to get to Regina to deliver the child. The due date had passed about a week earlier.

Bikram, left, and Jaspreet Sandhu with their new son, who has yet to be named. (CBC)

Just outside of Sedley, Sask., with about 50 kilometres to go, their plans changed. 

"I just pulled over to the side of the highway," Bikram Sandhu said, remembering that he told his wife they did not have much further to go to reach Regina.

"Is it really happening?" he asked his wife. It was.

Moments later their son was born while the temperature outside was about -15 C and snowing.

This little guy was born while his parents were hoping to get to hospital in Regina. (Submitted to CBC)

"We had just a little space, but we managed," Bikram Sandhu said, adding there was one tense moment when they realized the child's umbilical cord was around his neck. The father was able to move it and their boy began a healthy-sounding cry.

Bikram Sandhu also cleared the child's nose and mouth.

"When we were removing his cord, he was so slippery and that was another scary part," Sandhu said. "You don't want to drop the baby on the floor and the car isn't even a hygienic place to deliver the baby."

With help from a 911 operator he was given directions on how to tie-off the umbilical cord.

The operator suggested using a shoe lace, but Sandhu was reluctant because his laces may have been dirty. So he used the cable that was part of his iPhone charger. He said he is saving that as a keepsake for his son.

An ambulance had been dispatched from Regina. It arrived about 25 minutes after the baby was born and he was quickly bundled up.

The child, who is fine, will be named in the days ahead as part of a Sikh ceremony.

"Be prepared for this," Sandhu advised other expectant parents. "The baby is very slippery when it comes out."

This is roughly the spot along Highway 33, outside of Sedley, Sask., where the Sandhu's son was born. (CBC)

With files from CBC's Tory Gillis


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