Riding profile: Regina-Wascana

Regina-Wascana used to be a rural/urban riding. It's now just urban but candidates here still have to appeal to voters with very different backgrounds.

4 candidates in running for riding MP

Clockwise from top left: Michael Kram, Frances Simonson, Ralph Goodale and April Bourgeois. (Abby Schneider, NDP)
This urban riding covers Regina east of Albert Street and south of the CP rail line. It contains many local attractions such as Wascana Lake, the downtown, the University of Regina and the city's "big box" area in the east end.  
The federal riding of Regina-Wascana for the 2015 election. (Elections Canada)

The riding used to stretch past the town of Montmartre, but the rural area was cut out in the last redistribution of federal ridings.

Candidates here have to appeal to voters with very different backgrounds. For example, there are 30 seniors' homes in the riding but also a lot of student housing near the university.

There is a big difference in economic backgrounds too. In one corner of the riding, you can buy a house for $80,000. At the edge of the city in the east end, houses sell for as high as $1 million. 


April Bourgeois - New Democratic Party (NDP)
  April Bourgeois - New Democratic Party

Bourgeois is currently the executive director of a community-based agency that works with people with disabilities. She has a background in co-operative and credit union management. In 1993, she co-founded Prairie Dog, a news, arts, and entertainment magazine in Regina.

 "We believe that we need to acknowledge climate change, we need to start repairing our reputation internationally, and acknowledge the problems here in Canada."

Ralph Goodale - Liberal Party of Canada (Abby Schneider)
Ralph Goodale - Liberal Party of Canada

Goodale has been the Member of Parliament in this part of Regina for 22 years. He is currently the deputy leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He has experience as the minister of agriculture,  the minister of natural resources,  the minister of public works and the minister of finance when the Liberal Party was in power.

"It's important for this community to have a very loud voice that digs in its heels when necessary to get the results that the community needs."

Michael Kram - Conservative Party of Canada (Abby Schneider)
Michael Kram - Conservative Party of Canada

Kram grew up in Regina and specializes in information technology systems for government and industry. He has a background in computer science and economics. Kram has worked both in the public and the private sector, including for the federal government and as a consultant for provincial government agencies. 

"I believe that people can spend their own money better than the government can and the Conservative Party wants to keep taxes low for working families and everyone else."

Frances Simonson - Green Party of Canada (Abby Schneider)
 Frances Simonson - Green Party of Canada

Simonson has a background in soil science and organic farming. She has worked as a professional agrologist and as an independent organic farm inspector. She grew up in the Regina-Wascana riding. Simonson is currently installing solar panels on her home. She says she is interested in evidence-based solutions.

"I'm really doing this because I'm a voter that sees the Green Party platform is amazing and... I really think that Canada has a chance to make a great country into an amazing one." 


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