Riding profile: Regina-Qu'Appelle

Conservative Party member Andrew Scheer has won the last four federal elections in what is now Regina's only rural-urban riding.

4 candidates run in Regina's northeast riding

Andrew Scheer (Conservative), Nial Kuyek (NDP), Della Anaquod (Liberal) and Greg Chatterson (Green) are running in Regina-Qu'Appelle. (Abby Schneider/Nichole Huck)

Regina-Qu'Appelle is now the only rural-urban riding in Regina. 

For the city portion, it starts by the Mosaic Stadium and heads north and east.

The northern boundary cuts right through the Quill Lakes. Heading east, it goes just past Wolseley.  
The Regina-Qu'Appelle riding for the 2015 election. (Elections Canada)

In the 2011 election, most people who lived in the city portion of the riding voted for the New Democratic Party.

The Conservative Party won every rural polling station in this riding, except for 10 polling stations, all located in First Nations communities. 

According to the Assembly of First Nations, there are more than 13,000 eligible voters from the different First Nations in Regina-Qu'Appelle.


Della Anaquod - Liberal Party (Abby Schneider)
Della Anaquod - Liberal Party of Canada

Anaquod is a member of the Muscowpetung Saulteaux First Nation. She has a background in business administration and law. Anaquod says she's concerned about safe and clean water, employment and affordable housing, and also job training and education.

"Everyone needs a home, a place to live. You need healthy, clean food and water ... that sense of belonging to community."

Greg Chatterson - Green Party (Nichole Huck)

Greg Chatterson - Green Party of Canada

Chatterson does stone masonry work in Fort Qu'Appelle. He ran in 2008 and 2011 for the Green Party, and in 1997 for the Canadian Action Party. He says the big issue where he's from is water, specifically the sewage from Regina going into the Qu'Appelle water system. 

"If we continue down the road of environmental devastation, there's no future."

Nial Kuyek - New Democratic Party (Abby Schneider)

Nial Kuyek - New Democratic Party

Kuyek was formerly the general manager for the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan. He was raised on a farm, but has lived in Regina for 35 years. He says he wants to bring in better rail service, re-open the Indian Head tree nursery and increase affordable housing and infrastructure money.

"(Voters) want some honesty and integrity restored to government and they see Tom Mulcair providing that as prime minister and me providing that as a member of Parliament."

Andrew Scheer - Conservative Party of Canada

Andrew Scheer - Conservative Party of Canada

Scheer won the last four federal elections in the Regina-Qu'Appelle riding. He's been the Speaker of the House since 2011. Scheer says people in his riding are worried about youth crime, protecting the resource sector and the NDP's stance on the oil and gas industry.

"I've got a very strong record of delivering for the Regina-Qu'Appelle riding... and of course I have a very strong voting record standing up for western values."


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