'Ridiculous': Brad Wall calls out David Suzuki on oil industry comment

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says a comment by prominent environmentalist David Suzuki talking about the oil industry is 'ridiculous'.

David Suzuki compared oil industry to slave interests prior to American Civil War

RAW: Brad Wall calls David Suzuki remark 'ridiculous'

7 years ago
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Sask. Premier Brad Wall calls David Suzuki remark on energy sector 'ridiculous'.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says remarks by environmentalist David Suzuki equating the oil industry to slavery are "ridiculous."

Suzuki was responding to Wall's position that Canada needs to consider the economy when talking about reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Suzuki said in an interview Monday on SiriusXM's "Everything is Political" with Evan Solomon that people in the southern United States argued in the 19th century that to eliminate slavery would destroy their economy.

The premier said comments equating the oil industry to slavery might hurt the arguments against the energy sector because they're so ridiculous.

"Honestly, it doesn't even warrant attention," Wall said of Suzuki's observation. "It is such a ridiculous remark. I'm sure the energy sector in Saskatchewan doesn't take it seriously."

Wall said people might be more interested in what the energy sector is doing in terms of employing Canadians and being more diligent about the environment.

He added people want politicians to take action on climate change, but they need to remember that the economy and jobs also need to be considered.


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