Riders receiver gets into fierce dance-off with Assiniboia school students

Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Chad Owens got caught up in a dance off with two elementary school students while he visited Assiniboia Seventh Avenue School during Rider Reading Week.

Chad Owens was visiting Seventh Avenue School promoting Rider Reading Month

Roughriders receiver Chad Owens visited Assiniboia Seventh Avenue School this week as part of the team's community initiative to encourage reading, Rider Reading Month. (Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press )

Saskatchewan Roughrider Chad Owens had a chance to display his moves off the football field this week.

During a Thursday Rider Reading Month visit to Seventh Avenue School in the town of Assiniboia — 135 kilometres southwest of Regina — the Riders receiver found himself in a dance-off with two elementary school students. 

The competition appears to have been fierce, based on a video the school posted to social media.

The students spun around Owens with cartwheels, twirls and a variety of gymnastics moves.

Owens responded with some moves of his own, including a walking handstand. 

As the cheering got louder, the dancing became more vigorous.

At one point during the dance-off, one of the students lost her shoe, while the other nearly cartwheeled into the crowd. 

Owens countered that by cartwheeling across the gymnasium, causing several audience members to take cover. The crowd went wild.

Although no clear winner emerged, all dancers involved demonstrated talent, dedication and passion. 

Rider Reading Month is a community initiative by the CFL team that encourages students to read and gives them the opportunity to meet Roughriders players.