Rescued snakes headed back to Saskatchewan plains

Almost 250 snakes are being released north of Regina Saturday. They invaded a farm-house near the city last fall.

250 snakes will be released north of Regina

This rescued snake and more than 200 others are headed back to their natural habitat. (CBC)

Almost 250 snakes are being released north of Regina today. They invaded a farm-house near the city last fall. The garter snakes were rescued and over the past few months, Saskatchewan Polytechnic students and Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre went to extraordinary lengths to keep them safe.. 

Salthaven took care of 150 snakes. Saskatchewan Polytechnic took 99 and created a hibernating chamber. Hamilton Greenwood supervised the hibernation at the college in Prince Albert.

"We woke them up last week to see how they were doing and 99 in and 99 out," said Greenwood. 

Greenwood said the walk-in-fridge served as a hibernating chamber. He said it's something other animal rehab centres will be able to study.

"I think that the students at the Poly here have been able to contribute to our knowledge base and help rehab experts across North America come up with a way to mass overwinter a number of snakes that normally would go into hibernation," Greenwood said.
These snakes were cared for by Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation over the winter. (CBC)

All of the snakes will be released Saturday afternoon at Condie Nature Refuge north of Regina.

"Salthaven folks have found a suitable release site that's close to water, bush and prairie grassland so I think we've found them a nice new home away from city buildings," Greenwood said.